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    Kauai no ka oi.  Kauai is the BEST

    Tread Lightly Kauai Private Tours and Adventures

    We provide wonderful Kauai private sightseeing and light hiking tours. All of our Kauai tours are customized according to your personal preference, and physical ability level. We cater to your individual needs and abilities. Only you and your party will be on tour. No one else! - Jay Dorrance

  •  Tread lightly KauaiTours are dynamic. I will list some tour packages for you when we speak but know that every day is different, every adventure new. We can spend a day filled with Fun!! Adventure, beauty and knowledge. We will see dozens of spots for you to visit on your own. Or perhaps the magic of the moment will tell us “stay” and just slow down and enjoy the beauty and serenity we all crave.


    What I offer in my tours is: Kauai no ka oi. ( translation: Kauai is the BEST). I know in my heart that Kauai is the best. I will share this belief and I will take you to the spots I have discovered that have helped me to fall in love with this powerful and magical land, Kauai. I can also tell you about the back story of the islands as my Dad instilled a love of the history and peoples of Hawaii. - Jay Dorrance


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  • Wonderful Kauai Tours customized to your group

    Add and rearrange any components you want.

    On your private Kauai tour, experience some of the most spectacular locations on Kauai with little or no walking.
    It's a relaxed and personalized day with just you and yours - no strangers.
    At lunch time, we often eat in a restaurant . Or, you can purchase food from a supermarket. and store it in our cooler.
    Kauai has four sides : North. East. South. West. On our 7 hour full day tours we can see one or two sides.
    Often, we will visit places on one side on day, then another side later that week!


    Experience gentle flat walks to beautiful scenic overlooks. Walk beside beautiful flat beaches, and sit and enjoy the ocean waves and sounds. Stroll through nature amongst tropical trees and flowers.
    We can hike through beach forests to deserted beaches, or hike through Kauai rainforests along river streams or along rugged coastlines.

    During our Kauai adventures, I will share with you the rich history of Kauai and introduce to you some of the plants and culture that makes Kauai so rich and magical.

    *Tours do not currently include transportation

    *On our private guided Kauai tour we caravan in our vehicles.

    Turo app has plenty of cars on Kauai and the roads are easy. It's free to use Turo to book a rental vehicle.
    One really needs a car on Kauai, so it's definitely a good idea to have one.

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