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Aloha, Kauai No Ka Oi! (KAUAI IS THE BEST!

I look forward to you meeting you here on Kauai.

Jay Dorrance

We will enjoy Kauai's bountiful food. I will share with you whatever is in season, picked fresh from my small farm. For the "no host" lunch we will experience local "grinds" eating at favorite eateries, or purchasing food for a lovely beach picnic. 

Hikes in jungles to special places, and off-the-map hidden coves.

I can guide you to out of the way spots, scenic overlooks, safe places for children,  jungle treks or shopping trips.

For the past few years, my wife Karen and I have been living on the Eastside, planting  a small fruit farm.

Adventuresome people have requested hunting for glass floats, seeing a magic waterfall, "fairy forests" or going on Kauai jungle adventures. I love hiking Kauai's many trails,some being easy walks to more challenging. Trails can include undeveloped coastline, pristine streams and waterfalls or mountain overlooks.

"Whenever I'd visit, my dad would give me a list of out of the way places and their  history, sending me on my way in his old island beater car. As a younger kid, at times I found it a bit annoying. Looking back, I'm so glad he had such a love for Hawaii, his adopted home. I guess the apple doesn't fall so far from the tree."

Jay moved to the islands to become a caregiver for his mother after his father's passing and decided to stay for good.

Jay's father's books :

"After visiting various islands, I found the lush green "emerald island" of Kauai the most magical place I could ever imagine. I'd love to share some of my favorite spots on Kauai with you. 

Jay Dorrance is a full-time Kauai resident. His parents moved to Oahu in the early 70's presenting a great opportunity to explore Hawaii, (with his dad's prodding). 

His father, the late William H. Dorrance is the author of several books relating to Hawaiian history and was a long time columnist for an Oahu newspaper. 

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